What You Don't Know About White Night Reimagined 2019

What You Don't Know About White Night Reimagined 2019

Melbourne’s annual White Night Festival is ravishing Melbourne over three consecutive nights from August 22nd to 24th 2019. Birrarung Marr will transfix its visitors with performance art showcases set to thrill the senses with artworks beamed on the facades of the Royal Exhibition Building, the State Library of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum to list a few. The extravaganza centres around themes of mystery and spirituality. The general consensus about White Night since it’s Melbournian beginning, however, is the mega display of art, lighting and appreciation of architecture that make the festival a must-see experience.

Melbourne Skyline Fireworks

If you’re planning an August European holiday or simply aren’t inclined to public festivals and crowds, here are some White Night inspired decorating ideas using statement lighting and art to make your home a year-round immersive experience.

Incorporating colourful, statement art and lighting pieces don’t have to be overwhelming or gaudy, there are so many easy tasteful ways to incorporate fun, conversation-starter pieces to give your home character and distinctiveness.

Let’s start with statement art, White Night is about showcasing jaw-dropping art to entertain the eye. Here’s why you should always style your rooms around artwork and not the other way around:

An Art Piece Provides You With an Instant Colour Palette to Choose From

Using an art piece to guide your colour scheme choices provides the perfect accents you need to decorate the rest of a space with. This takes the risk out of trying to find art to match specific shades you may already have in the room. Think of the artwork as your own interior stylist guiding you to make the perfect colour selection.

Blue Living Room Interior Statement Piece

Art as a Focal Point

White Night is a sensory experience, with so many focal points the mind can’t seem to focus on just the one showcase when decorating with statement art though, one piece provides a poignant focal point. Every room should have a focal point and art is the easiest way of doing so. A focal point can be anything the imagination deems it to be though, whether it’s a large mirror a patterned carpet or sculpture the choice and creativity is yours. 

Statement art is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your space, however, there is a balance between a curated collection and chaos.

1. Set the Tone

Statement art in the hallway sets the colour scheme upon entry and displays your overall style to your guests.

Neon Hallway

2. Use Your Favourite Photographs

Photographs are an awesome way to display your loves and interests whilst making a statement with your own art. If you have a favourite family or scenic photo get it blown up to a size complementing but still standing out from your furniture. This can often be less expensive than purchasing statement artworks made by other artists.

3. Large Pieces Above the Couch and Dining Table

If you’ve been wondering where to display the huge artwork you accidentally bought online, above the couch and dining table are perfect. These bigger frames are not only conversation pieces but also make the room appear larger.

Coca Cola Inspired Interior

4. Choose a Relaxing Artwork for Your Room

If your bedroom is your haven, be careful not to add a piece that is too eclectic or overpowering or it could unsettle the relaxing ambition of your space. One large artwork with cool, relaxing tones is far better than a slew of tiny frames and photos. See our Feng Shui post to discover the world of arrangement and styling for the soul. 

Colourful Relaxing Bedroom Interior

5. Think Outside of the Frame

Statement art doesn’t have to be one large print on the wall, it can be a display of one of your favourite objects like a surfboard or sculpture, the focal point you choose is entirely at your discretion. Any large object attached to the wall or arranged in a stand-out way can be an art piece for your home.

Mediterranean Blue Interior

Now that we’ve discussed the immense domain of art styling in a more traditional sense, let’s move to the more memorable and striking aspect of White Night – lighting. Lighting is its own artform when the city buildings illuminate at night. This wonderful use of light forms inspiration for interior styling and the great opportunities to create an intriguing and immersive experience in your own home. Here are some statement lighting inspiration tips to get you in the White Night mindset:

1. Be Bold With Fixtures

An excellent way to create a focal point just like artwork is using a bold fixture for your main source of light like a chandelier or pendant. This can enhance space in your home and make a light source the main attraction. Offsetting wooden floorboards and chairs with a big, bronze Sputnik Chandelier adds retro flair but also balance and fascination.

Round Metal Gold Pendant

Round Gold Metal Pendant

2. Position Wisely

In smaller rooms, the general rule for lighting is to have three sources of light. One ceiling mounted light, one floor-lamp reflecting light off a wall and a smaller light to accent a desk or place of practice. This illuminates the space just enough to make it feel bright and cosy.

3. Add Floor Lamps

When you position a floor lamp next to an exposed wall they give off a beautiful reflection and ambience creating the sense of more space and light – think of light reflecting off the buildings during White Night for inspiration. Floor lamps are a great option as they stand alone and can be moved frequently depending on your changing taste or residence. Check our style guide for renters’ post. 

Bamboo and Beige Floor Lamp

Bamboo Wooden Floor Lamp

4. Contrast For Interest

Implementing the drama of White Night is easy with contrast – the most classic combination is black and white. If adding colour with artwork and sculptures is not possible or not to your taste, try adding contrasting lighting to your space. If your kitchen is predominantly white, add black industrial pendant lights to highlight the freshness of your white benchtop.

Modern Black Pendant Lamp Set

Modern Black Pendant Lamp Set

5. Revive the Old

White Night displays splashes of modern colour and art on period buildings adding another great contrast. If your home is modern, try adding some vintage or industrial pendant lights to add softness, similarly, if your home is a period original or reproduction, browse some clean, modern pendants to create an eclectic, contemporary look.

White Night is an outdoor immersive sensory artistic paradise, get inspired by the buildings and experiences to bring fun and wonder to your own home and most importantly express yourself.

Neon Light in Bedroom