5 Must-have Tools: How to Do-it-yourself at Home

5 Must-have Tools: How to Do-it-yourself at Home

Building your first DIY box? As a homeowner or someone that rents a house, it’s important to possess a basic level of DIY skills - even if the thought makes you nervous! From putting up a picture frame to building a bed and renovating the backyard, you need to be prepared to build some furniture and take care of emergencies.

Just like being savvy with your grocery shopping, having some level of DIY skill could help you save money. But where do you start? These 5 must-have tools are the essentials for every DIY newbie, so make sure you’re prepared to turn your hand to your house when it’s necessary!

1. A screwdriver selection

A decent set of screwdrivers is pretty much a non-negotiable. As some of the most common tools in any toolbox, make sure you’ve got the goods to hang something on your wall (at a minimum!) and put some furniture together.

Two essential screwdrivers you should find in your at-home toolbox include:

  • Philips or x-shape screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver

Look for models with comfortable grips and single multi-bit screwdrivers to save some space.

2. A hammer

Hammers are multi-use tools; with one end to drive in nails and a claw on the other end to pry them out. You’ll find that hammers are affordable and come in handy for a range of jobs, from taking down walls to whacking things into place. Look for hammers with a rubber or vinyl handle for extra grip and shock-resistance.

Want to power up? Check out this range of jack hammers online for an electrical way to take on those big demolition jobs.

3. A handsaw

Perfect when you need to cut up wood around the home or garden, a handsaw is a toothed cutting blade that offers a manual alternative to a chainsaw. Look for a saw with a replaceable blade so that, when yours becomes blunt, you don’t need to buy a whole new handsaw.

4. A power drill

A drill is one of the most common power tools in every DIY toolbox. It’s going to come in useful when you need a fast way to create holes, especially when building furniture.

A drill is more than just a luxury when you’re tired of screwing nails by hand - it’s essential for many DIY projects and it’ll save you heaps of time. Consider buying a cordless drill so you can take it outside without having to haul a long extension cord.

5. A tape measure

Simple yet essential, it’s important you’re able to accurately take measurements in any DIY job. Tape measures help you ensure you’ve left enough space for your new sofa or appliance, so that everything runs a little more smoothly.

The tape measure could be your most-used tool in the toolbox; choose a locking and retracting style that will stay put while you jot down measurements.