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Sleeping Bags

Your sleeping bag can make the difference between a successful camping trip and a night spent shivering and freezing in a tent. Make the right choice, and the great outdoors beckons. Get the choice wrong, and you're better off at home.

So, how do you go about making that all important right choice and finding a sleeping bag as snug as your king size bed?

Browsing the collection available at PayDay Deals is a great start. We stock a selection of sleeping bags for a range of different purposes, leaving you equipped for anything nature might throw your way.

Going on a long trek on which weight is at a premium? Our lightweight sleeping bags will give you what you need.

Looking for a cosy and relaxed camping trip to feel the romance of the great outdoors? A double sleeping bag might be the best option.

Need a robust bag to keep your warm and dry against the elements? We stock a range of hiking sleeping bags which may be perfect.

Introducing the little ones to the joys of camping and the outdoors? Children's sleeping bags will do the trick.

Whatever you need, we've got your covered. We can also help you with some of the other pieces of equipment you may need, like outdoor bluetooth speakers, or a car roof rack for getting out into the wild in the first place.

Hiking and Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Mountaineering, climbing, or hiking, requires a specific type of sleeping bag. These sleeping bags are robust and durable, and yet light and small enough to be easily transported.

This is why our hiking sleeping bags range provides such a benefit to so many people. These compact sleeping bags are small and lightweight enough to fit snugly into a rucksack, giving hikers and climbers the range and scope to go that much further.

Kids Down Sleeping Bags

Just because you are way out in the great outdoors does not mean that you need to sacrifice the comfort and luxury of the double mattress you have at home. Our down sleeping bags are designed to provide extra warmth and extra protection against the elements.

We also offer double sleeping bags for an extra level of cosy comfort.

Kids love our range of children's sleeping bags. These pieces are designed to introduce children to the fun of camping and exploring, giving them sleeping bags which are perfectly designed for their size.

Make Your Money Go Further

Did you know you can buy now and pay later on any of our products simply by choosing AfterPay at the checkout? It doesn't matter if you are looking for a sleeping bag or for a kitchen counter stool, your purchase will still be eligible.

Take a look at the product pages today and find what you need. Looking for assistance? Get in touch with our team today.