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At Payday Deals, we have big discounts on the cosiest bean bags and bean bag chairs in Australia, in many sizes from large sofa chairs to individually sized and filled with beads or foam. You can use them for playing computer games or working in the office.

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    Ava Knitted Bean Bag TEAL
    Ava Knitted Bean Bag TEAL
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    Buy Comfortable and Stylish Bean Bags Online

    Originally considered just a cool chair for kids, recent understanding is that bean bags are super cosy, stylish and great for your back. They give you laid-back, happy vibes in the bedroom, living room, outdoors or even at the office. We can help you find the perfect bean bag for your needs.

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    Finding the Best Bean Bag Chair for Your Needs

    • For adults, sinking into a giant bean bag after a difficult day is guaranteed to stimulate snoozing.
    • This type of seat is a sensory dream for children; they love collapsing into one of our bean bags, and with the option of washable fabrics, you needn't worry about mess.
    • Our sofa bean bags are unrivalled for comfort and large enough for a family to cosy together on movie night.

    Is a Bean Bag Right for You?

    Whether you want to unwind after a hard day's work or chill out in the garden, Payday Deals have the bean bag you need.  However old you are, sinking into sumptuous comfort is something everybody wants. We know you deserve a superior choice of bean bags, which is why we've got an unbeatable range of options at unbelievable prices.

    Buying Online with Payday Deals

    If you're a savvy shopper who can spot an outstanding deal, you'll want to purchase with Payday Deals for incredible sales, where you could save up to 70% off! You can easily buy online with speedy Australia-wide shipping, item dispatch within 24-48 hours and the advantage of live tracking. Our price match guarantee ensures you'll not find a better bargain elsewhere and our buy now pay later plans are interest-free! Payday Deals gives you the best bean bags in Australia at discounted rates too! This is a deal you won't want to miss out on! 


    How can I fill a beanbag?

    Filling your bean bag with polystyrene beads is better with two people; one to hold the filler bag and one to hold the bean bag, although you can do it alone if you clip it onto a chair to secure the bean bag open and keep it steady. Here's how you can avoid a polystyrene snow storm in your home:

    • Cut a triangle from the corner of the filler bag
    • Pop a few squirts of baby powder into the filler bag to reduce the static build-up
    • Shake the filler bag
    • Unzip your bean bag using a safety clip if necessary
    • Take a plastic cup and cut off one end
    • Duct tape the cup onto your filler bag 
    • Duct tape another plastic cup (with the end removed) or a funnel fashioned from cardboard onto your bean bag.
    • Pour in the beads by holding the filler bag upside down and giving it a gentle jostle
    • If using the cups, one should slide in the other, forming a tube (insert the same way you would stack them)
    • You can pause to check progress and see if your bean bag needs topping up

    Are bean bags good for your back?

    Yes, they are brilliant for your back for several reasons:

    • Muscle Use.  The shifting shape of the bean bag makes you engage the core muscles in your abdomen and back.
    • Back support.  You can get bean bags with back support to lean against, which adjust automatically to your size and shape.
    • Pain Reduction.  Bean bags can reduce back pain by improving poor posture, cushioning you with the support your body needs to align correctly.
    • Individual Moulding.  Automatically adapting to your body shape and size enables you to sit comfortably and support your back simultaneously.
    • Improved Posture.  The shifting of beads and your changing body position will help increase your bodily awareness, which will improve your posture. Additionally, the individual conformity of the bean bag's shape will cradle your body in correct alignment. Finally, not being stuck in the same position for hours has enormous health and posture benefits.

    Take advantage of these back benefits and bag yourself a bean bag bargain with Payday Deals today.  

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