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    Artiss Massage Office Chair Gaming Computer Seat Recliner Racer Red
    Artiss Massage Office Chair Gaming Computer Seat Recliner Racer Red
    Artiss Massage Office Chair Gaming Computer Seat Recliner Racer Red
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    Giselle Bedding Algarve Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress 34cm Thick Queen
    Giselle Bedding Algarve Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress 34cm Thick Queen
    Giselle Bedding Algarve Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress 34cm Thick Queen
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    Giselle Bedding Bonita Euro Top Bonnell Spring Mattress 21cm Thick Queen
    Giselle Bedding Bonita Euro Top Bonnell Spring Mattress 21cm Thick Queen
    Giselle Bedding Bonita Euro Top Bonnell Spring Mattress 21cm Thick Queen
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    Artiss Set of 2 Bar Stools Steel Fabric - Grey and Black
    Artiss Set of 2 Bar Stools Steel Fabric - Grey and Black
    Artiss Set of 2 Bar Stools Steel Fabric - Grey and Black
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    Giselle Bedding Rocco Bonnell Spring Mattress 24cm Thick Single
    Giselle Bedding Rocco Bonnell Spring Mattress 24cm Thick Single
    Giselle Bedding Rocco Bonnell Spring Mattress 24cm Thick Single
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    Artiss Set of 2 Velvet Bar Stools - Grey
    Artiss Set of 2 Velvet Bar Stools - Grey
    Artiss Set of 2 Velvet Bar Stools - Grey
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    Giselle Bedding Glay Bonnell Spring Mattress 16cm Thick Queen
    Giselle Bedding Glay Bonnell Spring Mattress 16cm Thick Queen
    Giselle Bedding Glay Bonnell Spring Mattress 16cm Thick Queen
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    Furniture Sale Online 

    Furniture might seem like an essential but purely functional part of a home. A table is to eat at; a sofa to sit on, right? Wrong. Furniture is like art. Choosing the perfect furniture is what makes a house a home. It is a reflection of your personality.

    Besides, you have to see it and use it every day — why wouldn't you want to style your home as it deserves? A furniture shop should be an exciting prospect.

    You ask, "what's the best furniture shop near me?"

    Yet, in this day and age, who has time to go trawling through all the furniture shops and compare prices and quality? Buying furniture on sale online beats wasting precious time standing unsatisfied in home furniture stores.

    Plus, furniture places only ever show a fraction of the available items in the furniture store. Buy furniture online to view a diverse range of Australian online furniture.

    At Payday Deals, we understand that furniture shopping is stressful. Spending a few hundred dollars on a sofa might inspire feelings of doubt: am I sure it's the one I want? Therefore, we offer prices to beat the cheapest furniture stores around. High quality and locally sourced, you won't regret shopping online for furniture with Payday Deals.

    Buy Furniture Online Australia

    New furniture freshens up a stale house. Have you ever stepped into your house and experienced a sense of enjoyment? Regularly updating your interior will add that sparkle to your life inside and outside of your home.

    You don't have to spend a fortune at the home furniture store every time you want to spice up your living area. Instead, look at furniture for sale online or furniture stores online in Australia to get some of the best deals. Australia's furniture online stores are quick, easy and affordable ways to keep your home looking fresh and stimulating.

    As a cheap furniture shop, Payday Deals offers affordable furniture of the highest quality. You won't find such an extensive range in a high street furniture store. From our queen-sized beds to our office gaming chairs, we have all that you want.

    With something for everyone, our stylish furniture discount store is the perfect choice to deck out your home. Selling furniture, online stores have everything you need for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, outdoor space and the kid's bedroom. Whether you need a cozy, comfortable sofa or a new sunbed for the upcoming summer season, shop furniture online.

    With superior furniture for homes, surpassing other furniture stores in Australia, Payday Deals has something you need for every occasion. Whether you're bulk ordering to renovate your house or treating yourself to a new wardrobe, we have the best furniture online Australia has to offer.

    Bedroom Furniture

    The bedroom is where we spend most of our time. The average person sleeps for about a third of their life. Granted, we are unconscious during that time, so what does it matter what colour our bedside table is or the style of our bed frame?

    However, an unattractive room can actually decrease the quality of your sleep. A peaceful, comfortable room is relaxing. The bedroom is the one place we want to feel tranquil and take a break from our busy lives.

    Australian furniture stores have the best bedroom furniture to stylise the space in which you spend a third of your time. Frequent, affordable furniture online shops can keep your boudoir looking pristine and novel.

    Furthermore, who doesn't want a quality mattress to fall onto each night? Whether you like a firm bed or a soft, cushiony one, our Australian furniture store has an extensive range of quality mattresses to sink into. From queen size to single bed, finding the perfect mattress for yourself is crucial to getting a full night sleep and waking up refreshed.

    More so, the bedroom is a vital space to keep clean and fresh. An old wardrobe can secrete a musty smell that lingers in your room and on your clothes. Purchasing a brand new, immaculate wardrobe doesn't have to break the bank. Payday Deals has all the benefits of a furniture discount store but the quality, ease and simplicity of furniture stores online.

    Whether you want a solid wood framed chest of drawers or a rustic coloured storage unit, our online furniture for sale includes a range of tallboys and lowboys in different colours, styles and materials. Individualise your bedroom by selecting unique, elegant furniture from the best furniture store online Australia has to offer.

    Offering favourite Australian furniture brands across our cheap furniture shop, it has never been easier to buy furniture online.

    Living Room Furniture

    Living rooms are versatile spaces. Do you want a classic set up of sofa and television? A gaming space in one corner? A mini-library? The options are endless. You can buy furniture for your living room in any shape and size.

    Decorating the living room is a chance to let your personality shine through the interior of your home. The possibilities are endless: a cozy, snug with a roaring fireplace and rocking chair? A sleek, contemporary look with an elegant TV cabinet? Or, the luxurious massage chair to relax into every evening?

    In Australia, furniture stores provide a diverse selection of living room fittings and appliances in online furniture sales.

    However, you cannot get away from the fact that your living room still has to be functional. Decorative rugs and wall hangings aren't all you need to make this space usable. Look at what sideboards and buffets the online furniture store has to offer. Furniture sales online have fashionable units with exposed shelves or hidden drawers to hide away your possessions. Storage units are vital to keeping your home looking tidy and clean.

    Payday Deals has all manner of furniture for homes, from armchairs, ottomans, tub chairs, recliners and sofas; you are spoilt for choice. We have the best furniture discount stores available and straightforwardly for you to purchase with our furniture store online.

    You will find that our products enhance each other. Whether you want to mix and match with a bold look or form a cohesive room with matching items, our range has everything you will want.

    Furniture stores in Australia sell high quality, beautiful and functional living room furnishings to make your house one you'll be proud to show the neighbours.

    Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

    The kitchen is crucial in any house. It's where we cook, eat and entertain guests. We all know that a perfect kitchen makes the difference between an excellent chef and a slap-dash one. Putting time and effort into making your kitchen stand out will improve your dining experience. After all, eating a bowl of soup in a dingy, uncomfortable room doesn't exactly scream prosperity.

    A well-lit, nicely decorated, and unique kitchen bought from Australian furniture online retailers will make cooking an activity you look forward to. Home-cooked meals are healthier and cheaper than eating processed food or takeaways — a luxurious kitchen bought from home furniture stores will draw your cooking talents out, and you will be eating like royalty soon enough.

    Australia-bought products will make your kitchen a happy, hearty, and welcoming place by investing in cheap furniture online. Furthermore, completing your furniture shops online will save you time, effort and money.

    While we offer furniture cheap, we don't baulk on quality. Our furniture retailer only uses materials of a high standard to ensure you get the best possible furniture & homewares from all Australian online furniture stores.

    The last thing you want is a creaking dining room chair or a wobbly table. Buying online furniture for your kitchen and dining room will pull your room together to make a comfortable, functional and enduring space.

    Replacing your dining chairs is a great way to revamp your dining room or kitchen. Whether you want to go for the eclectic look with a range of different styles and colours or have a sleek uniform look, we have the finest Australian online furniture stores and manufacturers to suit your needs.

    You could even go for that farmhouse or cottage vibe and choose a rustic wooden or polished, upholstered bench. There are endless opportunities to liven up your kitchen and dining area with our online furniture shop.

    We offer retro styles or modern velvet designs to flatter every kitchen and dining space. Our furniture stores online have more choices than you could possibly want.

    Outdoor Furniture

    Decorating the inside with fancy, new home furniture is all well and good, but don't neglect your outdoor spaces when ordering your Australian furniture online.

    As Australians, we are blessed with warm weather the majority of the year. A well-decorated, usable outside space will increase the time you spend outside, getting that much-needed fresh air and vitamin D. Our home furniture store sells a wide range of garden furnishings to suit every backyard.

    A lovely garden is a place to show off to all your friends and neighbours at summer BBQs or family parties. Outdoor furniture is a great way to make your backyard feel like part of the home.

    We have wooden garden benches and wagon chairs if you want a more simplistic, traditional style garden. If you're new to landscaping, why not invest in a white beach lounger or a natural coloured dining chair set? Or, get more adventurous with our range of hanging swing chairs and hammocks.

    Our furniture store online has every outdoor chair you could want to spice up your garden.

    Make sure to match your chairs with our complimentary dining table sets. Our furniture retailers offer cohesive collections to pull your outdoor space together and make it homely. Or, mix and match with different styles from our online furniture stores for an assorted look. Our dining sets will look elegant and striking on your porch, patio or lawn.

    We recommend investing in lighting and gazebos to make your garden functional throughout the evenings and those hot summer days.

    Shop for furniture online with Payday Deals to get your outdoor furniture affordable and refined. We sell items from Australian online furniture stores that are designed to suit local weather and climates. Our online furniture stores have the best quality garden furniture to style your backyard.

    Kids Furniture

    When shopping for your kids, you want affordable furniture. Because, let's face it, children aren't always the most respectful of their possessions. Investing in the cheapest furniture from furniture stores will prevent you from feeling too heartbroken when they start drawing on their cabinets.

    However, you also want to invest in exciting, functional and attractive furnishings for your children. Kids are animated by bright colours. Our furniture online shop offers stunning, visual fittings for all your children's needs.

    A kid's happiness is the most important thing for any parent. Buying furniture online from quality Australian manufacturers can ensure that your child's bedroom is a comfortable, fun, and functional space.

    Our online furniture stores have a range of natural-looking wooden bed frames, headboards, storage units, tables, chairs and bookshelves. Wood is suitable for your child's health as it promotes a fresh, pleasant smell, provides different textures and looks great. Wood is also often stronger than plastic if you're looking for durability.

    However, we also have a range of plastic furnishings in our online furniture shop if you're looking for brighter coloured items. From enchanting and vibrant plastic bins to keep all your kid's toys tucked out the way to a colourful desk for your child to get creative at, our cheap online furniture is lively and exciting.

    Also, be sure to check out our animal footstools. You don't want your child's bedroom to be functional only. A brightly coloured, jungle-themed footstool is a place for them to sit and play without feeling like a boring adult. These footstools are designed with the child's smaller stature in mind and could be better for their posture.

    At home, furniture should be comfortable and functional. However, kids' furniture should also be energetic and animated. Our home furniture stores keep your child's adventurous spirit in mind when designing the perfect fittings for kids' rooms. Take advantage of our online furniture sales to give your children the highest quality online furniture for sale at affordable prices.

    Charming and Functional

    Our Australian furniture store has unique furniture & homewares with practical uses. At home, furniture should be more than decorative. Our furniture online stores have a range of storage units, cabinets and shelves to keep your home looking neat and tidy all day long. Shop online furniture with Payday Deals to get high-quality storage units to keep your house pristine.

    An organised home makes its inhabitants more productive, happier and calmer. Investing in storage spaces from our home furniture store is the best way to make your home a peaceful environment.

    Whether you want neat, elegant bookcases and shelves or room dividers and cupboards, organisational fittings make a home look cohesive. Consider a shoe cabinet to keep your hallways and entry rooms clean and smell-free. Shop for furniture online with the best home furniture Australia offers for any room in your house.

    Our storage units are suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and kitchens.

    We have rustic floating wall shelves with piping designs if you want the traditional, vintage DIY design. Or sleek, steel shelving for a simpler, sophisticated home. Our cheap furniture stores have a range of organisational units that are both charming and functional.

    We offer the cheapest furniture from a range of Australian furniture online manufacturers to stylise your house. Looking at furniture on sale online saves you time and effort. We deliver Australia-wide.

    Locally Sourced

    Our furniture stores source all materials locally. In Australia, furniture is guaranteed to be of high quality. An Australian born and bred company, Payday Deals looks to support Australian furniture manufacturers.

    Many of us ask, "where are the furniture stores near me?" We hope to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in the local economy. Lucky for you, our furniture for sale online allows you to buy local products from the cheapest furniture stores without having to leave your home. It's simple and easy.

    Sourcing local furniture in Australia is essential as it is environmentally friendly, supports the local economy and invests in smaller brands. Reducing shipping and storage costs also minimises emissions and energy, making you and us better for the planet. You can be confident that all our furniture in Australia is sourced locally.

    Next time you want to visit cheap furniture stores, ensure that they are Australian furniture stores. Or, better yet, visit our online furniture store to save yourself the effort of spending hours trawling through shops. Quickly browse our wide range of products and order your purchase comfortably in the knowledge that you are investing in Australia.

    We sell the best products online furniture stores Australia has to offer. Our furniture sales online are perfect for your Aussie home.

    Environmentally Conscious

    Our online furniture store is committed to our social responsibility. We understand our customers prioritise environmental concerns when shopping for home furniture.

    From investing in sustainable packaging to encouraging our customers to recycle, our commitment to the environment influences every aspect of planning our furniture sale online.

    Our furniture shops aim to reduce the paper we use, sell sustainable products, and work with environmental charities. You can be confident that every time you buy furniture online with us, we are doing our best to minimise its impact on the planet so you can shop furniture guilt-free.

    Why Shop With Payday Deals

    Payday Deals offers the finest online furniture Australia has to offer. We're proudly Australian-owned and do our best to bring you locally sourced, high-quality furniture to make your home shine.

    We understand the challenge of creating a peaceful, beautiful home interior that represents you. The diverse range of products in our furniture outlets offer something for every room of the house. Whether you want to redecorate a whole home or replace an old cabinet with a newer version, you will find all you need in our furniture shops.


    Where can you buy wooden furniture?

    Most of our furniture comes with wooden alternatives, whether you're after a bookshelf or bed frame. All materials used are of the highest quality and look stunning in any home.

    Do Payday Deals offer sustainable products?

    We aim to prioritise sustainability throughout our online furniture store; Australia will be one of the most affected countries by climate change. Therefore, we make sure to partner only with sustainable businesses and encourage eco-friendly materials and packaging.

    Do you offer same-day furniture deliveries?

    We dispatch products within 24 to 48 hours. We offer Australia-wide delivery, taking up to 3-5 days for Victoria citizens, 4-8 days for NSW, SA and ACT. It can take between 7-10 days to deliver to QLD, NT, WA and TAS. Live tracking is available throughout the service.

    Do you offer interest-free finance to buy furniture?

    Yes, select AfterPay at check out for interest-free credit purchase.