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Portable Fridges

A mini fridge is a must-have in the modern home.    

When you are having friends around for the big game or for a major telly event, when you need to be able to reach a cold drink without leaving your patio chair or living room chair, when you simply don't have enough room in your kitchen fridge; this is when a portable refrigerator really comes into its own. 

These units are not even expensive. Especially not when you come to PayDay Deals. We stock a wide range of mini refrigerators and portable fridge freezers, at unbelievably low prices. 

We are your first, and your last, port of call for high-quality mini fridges at low, low prices.

The Best Quality Portable Fridge Technology

Fridges, more than almost any other piece of household equipment, need to be reliable. No one wants a room temperature beverage, and certainly, no one wants spoiled food. To ensure health and hygiene for you and your guests, you need reliable, high-quality small refrigerators. That is precisely what we provide.

When you come to PayDay Deals, you are not only connecting with great pricing, you are providing yourself with a fantastic small fridge which you will be using for many years to come, guaranteed.

The Mini Fridge with Freezer Configuration to Suit You

The fridges and freezers we stock are wide-ranging and versatile enough to suit the needs of all of our customers. If you simply need low power, a small refrigerator to use in your party marquee, this is no problem. If you need a fully functioning portable fridge freezer, you've got it.

Whatever your purposes, whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we've got the fridge unit for you. It is as simple as selecting the product you want and having us deliver it to your door.

Select AfterPay at the Checkout

Our services and products are designed to help your money go that little bit further. When you select a small fridge from our range, or any piece of home equipment or furniture, simply choose AfterPay and you can pay for your purchase at a later date. It's as easy as that.

Get in touch with a member of our team to learn more, or browse our product listings to find what you need.