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Deep Fryers for Golden, Deep-fried Delights!

Looking for a fast, easy way to cook hot chips, seafood and other tasty treats? You’ve found the perfect solution for cooking at home for the family or for larger groups - a commercial or home deep fryer whips up tasty, deep-fried food that goes down a treat at parties. A deep fryer is a safer alternative to filling up a frying pan with hot oil, and a double deep fryer offers additional space for cooking at double speed!

Whether you’re cooking chicken, fish, veggies or dim sims, all you need is a mini deep fryer to deliver golden, crispy snacks that are cooked to perfection. If you’re on a budget, choose a cheap deep fryer that comes with all the features you need for professional results, such as removable oil heating plates, quick-heating and easy-clean stainless steel surfaces. 

Home & Commercial Deep Fryers

Whatever your needs, we’re confident we’ve got the best deep fryer to meet them and make cooking a breeze. From the humble mini deep fryer for family-based cooking, through to commercial deep fryers that are a staple in professional kitchens, choose the fryer with the right capacity for you.

Serve deep-fried food delivered fresh - this appliance allows you to get creative in the kitchen, creating everything from crunchy veggies to creamy arancini balls. When you want to reduce the amount of oil you use, make the switch to an air fryer for a fast, healthy way to make tasty meals. We’ve also got a range of low-cost microwaves and all the kitchenware you need to complete your home or commercial kitchen. 

The Benefits of an Electric Deep Fryer

When you need fast heating and guaranteed freshness, an electric deep fryer fits the bill. With timers, filters and temperature control systems, you don’t need to be a professional chef to serve up dishes you’ll be proud of! Whether you want a small deep fryer or a double deep fryer, you can count on low prices and lasting quality.

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