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      Chicken Coops & Rabbit Hutches

      Your fluffy and feathery friends need a home they can rely on, too! Payday Deals has everything you need to meet their requirements, whether you mostly keep farm animals or family pets. Our range of chicken coops and rabbit hutches meet the high standards you’d expect from us, and we’ve dropped the prices for even better value.

      Rabbits and chickens need space to run around and stretch their legs. Keeping them cooped up isn’t good for their physical or mental state, which is why every backyard chicken coop and indoor or outdoor rabbit hutch from Payday Deals is designed with their safety and comfort in mind. Your little animals can explore and exercise happily, in our range of plastic and wooden pet cages. 

      Cheap Rabbit Hutches & Chicken Cages

      Whether you’re looking for a small or large rabbit hutch, or a spacious chicken pen for your growing family of animals, our range includes weather-resistant pens that keep them safe from rain, sun and other animals. If you keep a rabbit as a pet, consider buying both an outdoor and indoor rabbit hutch, so you can take them inside during the colder months. Our rabbit cages are suitable for bunnies of all sizes, but we recommend purchasing on the larger end of the scale, so they have plenty of hopping space.

      A chicken hutch or “chook house” is essential for professional or hobbyist farmers - and this collection of farm supplies could have the other accessories you’re looking for. You’ll also find pet enclosures that suit most dogs and other animals, and pet travel bags for when you need to relocate small animals.

      Shop an Outdoor or Indoor Rabbit Hutch, Australia

      Making sure your pets and farm animals have the home they need to grow shouldn’t have to put a dent in your bank balance. In fact, we’re making it easier to manage your money when you shop with Payday Deals. Now, you can Afterpay rabbit cages and chicken coops, to spread the cost across four manageable chunks.

      Simply select ‘Afterpay’ as your payment option during checkout and we’ll aim to ship your items within 1-2 days. We deliver to most cities and regional parts of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

      Get in Touch

      For further advice on ordering our cheap rabbit hutches and chicken cages, feel free to reach out to our team. Email or call 1800 953 070 and we’ll help you out.