Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Friend

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Friend

Research conducted by The Australian Institute of Family Studies predicts that by 2026, single-person households in Australia will outnumber traditional family unit households. There are now around 2 million singletons in the what are we doing with all that extra love we have to give?!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, you may be starting to stress about the ticking clock associated with finding your significant other. Or - you could jump on the bandwagon and treat your best friend to one of these Valentine’s Day gifts instead!

Turn the 14th February into a Galentine’s Day this year and show your bestie how much you appreciate them!

Take them on a special mate date

It’s true that memories are more valuable than things, so with that in mind, why not dig out some affordable things to do in Melbourne or your city and go indulge in some cute experiences!

The weather is still on our side, so make the most of the sunshine and head to an outdoor cinema screening or grab dinner at one of the city’s famous rooftops. Otherwise, explore the multi-cultural tastes of the street markets, or grab a car and take a mini road trip. Your best mate will be blown away by the effort you’ve made.

Give the gift of personalisation

Being happily single means we get to hang out with our mates more often, so remind them of all the fun you’ve had with a memoir!

Simply grab a photo frame and print out your favourite snaps of the two of you, so they can proudly display your friendship on their walls or office desk.

Support their beauty habits

Is your BFF’s bedroom overflowing with beauty products? If their cosmetics collection is getting a little out of hand - and it’s always making them late to your hang-out plans - a makeup organiser could be the perfect gift.

Choose miniature beauty boxes or large travel cases for those weekends away, and help them store their impressive collection more easily.

Headphones for quiet singalongs

Love your mate but don’t love her taste in music? Treating her to a pair of headphones is a thoughtful gift that you’ll both appreciate! With state-of-the-art wireless headphones now available at affordable rates, you can give a gift she’ll love that won’t be too heavy on your bank balance.

Arrange a games night

Add a touch of nostalgia to your friendship and plan a night in with games for the big kids in you. Who cares if you both haven’t met the love of your life yet? For now, enjoy the fun in the day and have a night in playing some of your favourite games that will keep you entertained until February 15th!