12 tips to redesign your bedroom on a budget

12 tips to redesign your bedroom on a budget

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space that you can retreat to at the end of the day, and the design is such a big factor in this.

It is possible to redesign your bedroom on a small budget using these creative ideas from across the internet. These ideas can also be used to style your living room on a budget.

The Best Ideas For A Budget Bedroom

Creating a comfortable bedroom for rest can be done on a budget by following easy steps.

1) Declutter Your Home

The first step when it comes to any kind of bedroom redesign is to declutter. Take the time to work through what you already have in your home and consider what brings the most value, then get rid of the rest.

This is something that can make a big impact in any sized bedroom, and it can transform how the room looks.

2) Paint Furniture

One of the greatest ideas for upgrading your bedroom on a budget is using what you already have. Instead of going out and buying all new furniture, you can easily redesign what you already have with a cheap tin of paint to add some colour or grain to it.

You can decide to make this piece of furniture a focal point in your bedroom by painting it with a bright colour, or keep things neutral such as black and white for a chic monochromatic look.

This decorating tip is especially useful for those in rented properties who are limited with what they can do in their homes.

3) Make An Accent Wall

Designing a focal feature in your bedroom, such as a bright piece of furniture or creating a gallery wall can make your space look new.

A cheap way to add colour and interest into your bedroom is by creating a gallery wall, which is fun and easy to do even when working on a small budget.

Cheap frames are available from places like Ikea, and you can fill them with photographs or art you already have at home. Don't be afraid to get creative when making gallery walls!

4) Color Rug

Decor can make such a difference to any kind of bedroom, but especially a small room.

Adding a colourful area rug right at the end of the bed is easy and will bring colour into the bedroom.

You can match the rug to colours you already have in your room, such as on the throw pillows or bedding, to create a chic, complete look to your space.

5) Increase Storage

Even if you choose to declutter your bedroom, you might find that you don't have enough space for everything you want to keep.

This is where stylish storage can come in very useful.

You can find decorative drawers, boxes, or hidden storage ideas like under-bed boxes for cheap. These containers can be used for a range of items, allowing you to have a tidy bedroom where everything has its place. This will also ensure that you will always be able to find what you need.

6) Lighting

Creating or adding light will transform not only how the bedroom looks, but also how it feels.

Try adding a window feature that will change the ways the light naturally comes into your room, or you can choose to invest in some new lighting, such as a bedside or desk lamp.

Fairly lights are a great, stylish addition to any bedroom and will create a cozy feel at any time of the day. This is also an affordable way to replicate the Instagram look in your home.

To make the room feel cozy, you will want to choose yellow lighting over white lights.

7) Upgrade Your Bedding

Your bedroom should be a space for relaxation, and the bed is the center of this.

To improve the design of your room without breaking the bank, you can invest in new, comfortable duvet sheets and pillows. Bedding can be quite affordable and will make such a difference to the bedroom.

Mix textures and colours to make the bed look more luxurious and get you excited for when it is time to go to bed.

8) DIY Headboard

Another good decorating tip to update your bed is to DIY a headboard.

This is something everyone can try, and it can be done easily on a budget.

You can DIY a headboard using throw pillows against the wall, adding some decor to the wall behind your bed, or even upgrading what you already have. Painting or stapling fabric onto your existing headboard is a good way to get the look you love without breaking the bank.

New headboards or a bed frame can be bought for cheap too, which is something you can consider if you feel like you need to.

9) Add Mirrors

Bringing a mirror into the bedroom is a good decorating tip that can make the room look bigger, while also adding style.

You can choose a wall-mounted mirror, which is ideal for rooms with limited floor space, or lean a full-sized mirror against the wall if you are in a rented property.

There are lots of options for bedroom mirrors, and you don't have to break the bank to find a design you like.

10) Houseplants

Houseplants make for very affordable home decor, and you can have them hanging from walls or placed on shelves.

Living plants can be bought for a small price, or you can opt for fake plants that create the same style without maintenance.

11) Mix Things Up

If you don't have the time or money to design your bedroom from scratch, then you can use what decor and furniture you already have to mix things up.

Moving furniture around can change how your bedroom looks, and you might find that you have more space doing this.

This is one of the best decorating tips for those on a budget, as, after all, you bought things you love to have in your bedroom, so why not use them?

12) Soft Furnishings

The bedroom is supposed to be a cozy space for you to retreat to at the end of the day, and you can always make the most of this with soft furnishings.

One of our ideas is to change up your bedding, but you can improve the design of your bedroom even more if you add decorative throw pillows and additional blankets onto the bed.

It is possible to create a room you love while on a budget, you might just have to be creative! For more tips and products, check out Payday Deals.

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