Barstool Heights Explained in 200 Words or Less

Barstool Heights Explained in 200 Words or Less

Did your new barstools just arrive? Are you hopelessly jamming your thighs under your benchtop, or do you look two feet shorter than usual sitting far too low struggling to eat breakfast? Either way, here is the concise and simple barstool measurement guide to sitting pretty all the time – let’s see if we can do this in 200 words... 

Retro Modern Kitchen Interior Wooden Barstools

Australian Benchtop heights are quite standard. The most common heights are either 90cm or 105cm (900mm or 1050mm for the tradies) – you should have either one of those two.

White Kitchen Interior Wooden Stools

Barstools for a 90cm Benchtop

If this is the rough height of your benchtop, look for a barstool approximately 65cm tall.

White Metal and Bamboo Stool

White Metal and Bamboo Barstool Payday Deals

This will give you about 25cm of wiggle room. 

Industrial Backed Barstool Payday Deals

Vintage Barstool Pine Base Payday Deals

Barstools for a 105cm Benchtop

For a taller benchtop, opt for a barstool with 75cm of height – giving you 30cm of empty space.

Solid Wood Base Industrial Barstool

Industrial Swivel Barstool Solid Timber Base Payday Deals

These options are roomy and generous so you won’t be bumping your knees under the bench again!

Kitchen Interior Metal Barstools