How to do Industrial Interior Design on a Budget

How to do Industrial Interior Design on a Budget

While it’s not for everyone, industrial home decor is a timeless style that is resurfacing in Australia in recent years. Since the Industrial Revolution, the focus on simplicity and functionality became clear. Now, we’re turning that into a cool, edgy look for anyone who understands that bare is beautiful.

Industrial interior design is all about minimal paint, exposed brick and pipes, and huge windows for maximum natural light. Back in the day, this was all to save money. Nowadays, “industrial chic” mirrors that aesthetic but makes it edgy and modern.

Whether you’re furnishing a rental apartment or your family home, here’s how to do industrial on a budget.

Concrete or brick walls & exposed piping

Unfortunately, most homes in Australia either have this or they don’t. If you’re in a rented pad, there’s no way your landlord is going to let you rip down the plaster or paint! 

However, some modern apartments actually come with this look already built-in (especially in some hipster suburbs). Exposed piping and ductwork, and uncovered walls, are all icons of the industrial style, adding a raw and authentic look to any home.

Industrial shelving

Storage solutions don’t have to be boring. In fact, you’ll find industrial-style wall shelves online that fit perfectly with your dream interior. They tend to feature dark wooden planks and metal pipes, for a rustic way to store your favourite plants and display items. 

Feeling confident? If you have some basic DIY skills, you may be able to buy the materials and put these shelves together yourself!

Industrial/utility lighting

Get it right down to the last detail, with lighting inspired by the Industrial Revolution. Think Edison lights in steel structures, with filament bulbs that give off a warm, subtle glow.

Keep the aesthetics vintage but the functionality modern; LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and still deliver the look you want. 

Add a pop of colour

Designing your home is all about incorporating your personality, and just because you love industrial interior design doesn’t mean you need to stick to muted colours. Sure, greys, browns, whites and blacks typically make up the majority of the industrial colour palette but feel free to play around with pops of colour here and there.

Rustic colours like burnt orange work just as well as more luxurious hues such as emerald green.

Steel bed frames

Keeping the style consistent throughout the home? Start with your bed frame. Nailing the industrial look in your boudoir is easy. Opt for a bed frame that is made of iron (or similar materials) and is simple in its structure. Some effective touches include old picture frames (actual photographs optional!) and vintage-style clocks around the headboard.

Muted rugs

Industrial style favours rugs that blend into their environment, so say goodbye to clashing, vibrant or abstract-style decorations for the floor. A faded rug in muted colours works best in a rustic setting, so consider a distressed rug in traditional or oriental styles. 

Consider layering rugs to add a new dimension to the room, but steer away from overly thick and fluffy types if you want industrial done just right.