How to Furnish a Rented Apartment (And Make it a Home)

How to Furnish a Rented Apartment (And Make it a Home)

With sky-high prices in Australia, it’s no wonder people rent for longer, with the average Australian waiting until they pass 33 years old to get on the property ladder. 

When it comes to furnishing a rented apartment, you’ll probably come across a few extra challenges. For example, you can’t change that lime green paint in the kitchen that you hate. You probably can’t hammer any nails into the walls. But most of all - you want to furnish your rented apartment on a budget!

Whether you’re moving in with your partner or a couple of mates, here’s how you can turn your rented property into a home (without upsetting your landlord).

Add some plant life

Lush greenery makes any space feel more homely, breathing life into old apartments. Another benefit we love about plants? The colour green goes with both dark and light shades, and makes a super stylish addition.

Buy plants online or grow your own with a hydroponic grow tent! It makes for a fun project for you and your housemates while you get to watch your little plant babies flourish.

Get smart with storage

One main complaint when it comes to rental apartments is the space - or lack of it. Consider buying furniture that has in-built storage to avoid clutter when decorating a small apartment. This, in turn, helps keep your head clear and makes coming home to your place a pleasure.

We recommend a large television cabinet with storage, and ottomans make a great storage solution for your board games and extra blankets.

Add prettier floors

If your rental property comes with ugly flooring, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get permission to rip it up. Instead, invest in a rug you love and spread it across the floor. A runner in the hallway can add personality to your place as soon as you step inside, and a plush rug that covers the entire living room floor will add the element of comfort the place is missing.

Master the art of the vignette

A vignette is an interior design trick that involves a small grouping of objects. It’s usually a table arrangement that contains things you love, such as a vase, picture frame and candle. Gather up the things you love and put them on display, to give your apartment the personalised love it needs.

Enhance the lighting

Too many rental properties come with ugly light fixtures. Bare lightbulbs and a harsh glare make the at-home experience a little uncomfortable. Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck with them. While this isn’t the time to call an electrician or install any costly chandeliers, a simple update can make all the difference.

Add shades to your ceiling lights and play around with extra layers of lighting to add a new dimension to each room. Consider low-intensity table lamps and floor lamps, and discover the glow you could create. 

For some more inspiration, check out this video from House & Home, featuring interior designer Jacquelyn Clark: