How to Keep Your Velvet Furniture Pretty and Pristine

How to Keep Your Velvet Furniture Pretty and Pristine

Velvet upholstered furniture has made an extraordinary comeback into the interior decorating scene. Revived and reimagined from the 1980s velvet upholstery is featured in some of the most reputable and beautifully styled interior design magazines and style blogs.

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Whilst velvet looks pretty and is sure to make a statement in any room, it’s caring and cleaning instructions are a little ambiguous and unknown to the regular consumer.

If you’re looking to introduce a luxe ambience into any area of your home but don’t want to ruin your new purchase before you’ve gotten your money’s worth – here are the foolproof ways to keeping your velvet furniture looking brand new for longer.

First off, what is velvet?

It’s a woven textile usually made up of silk, cotton and synthetic fibres. The yarns are cropped to give it its characteristic texture, one swipe shows its smooth side and the other shows the weave of the fabric.

If you’re considering buying velvet furniture or already own a velvet upholstered piece the care guide is easy.

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Before you buy, check the composition of your velvet upholstery. Is it purely synthetic or a mix of silk and cotton? For easy cleaning, we recommend synthetic velvet as it’s easier to clean.

Vacuum my Sofa? 

To keep your velvet fresh and clean between the weeks of many cosy snuggles on the couch just vacuum the fabric with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum (that should come with your vacuum cleaner, if not just take the head off your vacuum). This will remove all the dust and hair that gets caught in the cropped fibres over time.

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If you don’t have a vacuum or can’t be bothered lugging a chunky vacuum around your living room just gently brush the velvet with a soft-bristled brush in the direction of the nap of the velvet once a week.

Dab, Don’t Rub!

For food spills, just gently wipe the food away with a soft cloth, rinse the cloth (ring it out until lightly damp) then just go over it again with a light hand blotting and not rubbing too hard.

To dry and avoid any watermarks, use a hairdryer at a distance and lightly dry the area.  

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Velvet is surprisingly easy to clean and often doesn’t need any additional cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Be cautious of upholstery cleaners though as they may leave their own stain on your furniture, try it on a discrete part of the furniture piece first if possible.  

Rotation Formation

If you’re one to have a cup of tea on the couch, make sure you put a coaster or tray down first as velvet can be prone to marking.

As for the cushions on your couch or chair just rotate/ turn them once a week to avoid any potential long-term creases that could show up over time and may be a little more difficult to remove.

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Velvet is a beautiful, historic fabric that adds so much texture, depth and interest to a space. Start out small with a barstool or go all out with a velvet pink couch! Decorating is about self-expression and fun, make your money go further with these easy velvet care tips!