Should I Clean or Declutter First?

Should I Clean or Declutter First?

We know that tackling a big cleaning project can be a daunting task, but we are here to help, and although we cannot assist physically, we are not a cleaning service, after all, we can assist you with our top decluttering tips for getting started. Payday Deals have some great tips on decluttering.

Decluttering your home is an excellent way to regain control over your living space, which can improve mental health as well as the cleanliness of your home. Spending time tidying your home can feel like a constant battle to try to keep things clean, constantly tidying things away, clearing, and making sure you have enough space. If this is how you are feeling, it could be that you need some help to declutter your home.

If you do not know where to start, we advise you to pick one room, preferably a room that you spend a lot of time in, either your living room or bedroom, as making a positive start in a room you spend time in can be motivational to make the changes you really need to.

The first step is to look at the items in each room before you start we recommend you look at what is essential to you in each room so you can save time deciding if you should get rid of those items. Next, you should review the items in your room, if you are still feeling daunted but the amount of clutter in the room we suggest you pick a smaller area to start in. Once you begin to sort through things decluttering becomes much easier, and you will find yourself getting into a rhythm with organising things.

When decluttering it is not about what you like it is about what you need and what you will use; some people keep every item they have ever been given as a gift because it holds sentimental value. Decluttering is about asking yourself if you need these things and if you will ever use or display them, or will you keep them in a cupboard to find in a year when you look to declutter again? A lot of people go by the rule of if you have not used it in six months there is no point in keeping it, this is not going to be suitable for everything especially if you are looking at seasonal things.

We advise that once you have begun to review the clutter, you sort through the items you want to keep and ensure they are put away into a sensible storage space, where you can access them when they are needed and so that you can conserve as much space as possible. We recommend that the items you put away are clean as you do so that you do not have to clean them before use.

Decluttering is a great way to evaluate your possessions and sorting through them as you declutter will aid with organising your outgoing items and allow you to see what you may need to get for your home now you know what space you have. If you have a home full of clutter, it can be difficult to see what you need as you cannot see what you already have in your home. By removing clutter before cleaning, you can see what you have to clean and it will make organising easier and cleaning quicker.

We do not recommend you get rid of all of your stuff, and if there are items you love which you do not want to remove, then we advise simply to put them into a safe and sensible storage space within your home. If there are items that hold sentimental value or you have a collection, you might want to consider keeping them in a storage cabinet to keep your room looking more organised, Payday deals have several cabinets at competitive prices.

Once you have worked through the living areas of your house, it is time to declutter your kitchen, the kitchen is one of the most common rooms that need organising. You may have accumulated extra cups, plates, or bowls when you have seen novelty items, or you may have a couple of glasses in your kitchen from sets or pubs. Regularly organising your kitchen cupboards to declutter helps ensure you have space to put everything you own and will be quicker if done regularly as there will be less to do.

Once you have completed the declutter of your house it is time to start cleaning, one of the main benefits of cleaning everything first before putting it into storage, after organising, is that you can take stuff out of your organised closet and it is ready to use immediately. If you first take the time to clean your stuff, it will take less time and make things easier for you when you need them.

We love nothing more than having a good day of spring cleaning, getting our closet organised, laundry is done, clothes back in the drawers, and shoes in their box. The feeling at the end of the day when we have achieved many of the tasks we set out to do in the morning and knowing there is less work to do in the future is amazing, and the best thing is that by decluttering regularly there is less to clean and you can save even more time each time you wish to organise if you evaluate as you buy each item. You can do this really easily by first asking yourself if each item will be used when you get it back from the store? How many times something will be used and if it would be more simple to hire or borrow from a friend - especially helpful with larger items.

If you do decide to keep a lot of anything or there is something you feel you need in your life our tip is to organize, there is no need to get rid of anything you do not want to even if this means you have more in your home than others. Drawers are an even better way to organize your life, you can purchase beautiful storage options on Payday Deals.

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