The Best Furniture Solutions for Small Apartments

The Best Furniture Solutions for Small Apartments

Just because your space is small, there’s no reason your interior design dreams can’t be big.

When you’re enhancing an apartment or small house, you just need to get creative. Utilise modern furniture solutions to build a place that’s a pleasure to spend time in.

Here, Payday Deals has compiled our best furniture ideas for small apartments, so you can live large everyday.


Our list of furniture for small spaces kicks off with the humble, but functional, storage ottoman.

A far cry from the embroidered, floral versions we saw in our grandparents houses, today’s ottoman is on-trend for the modern Australian home. Your genius space-saver in the bedroom, living room and kid’s room, the ottoman doubles up as a storage case and a comfortable seat.

Choose from soft grey fabric, luxurious black leather or another style to suit your interior and use it to conceal children’s toys, blankets and everything else that’s taking up space.

The right sofa

Limited space means you need to know the secret to finding the right sofa.

Avoid the sensation of clutter by choosing a sectional or modular sofa. Try not to solely focus on couch size when you’re weighing up your options. Look at features like clean and simple lines, and couches with no arms or with exposed legs. A low sofa that isn’t too high or chunky will also work well. All characteristics project the feel of a more open space.

If you regularly have guests over, consider a sofa bed so they have somewhere comfortable to lay their heads at night.

Large mirrors

Open up the room with some oversized reflections. A big mirror is every interior designer’s number 1 hack when it comes to enhancing a small space; making rooms feel bigger and giving them better light-boosting qualities.

When it comes to other wall decorations, avoid fussy wallpaper and dark colours. Keep it light, bright and simple, and you’ll be surprised at how large your small apartment can actually feel!

Foldable dining tables

Whether your family is growing or you have mates over for regular wine and cheese nights, the dining table is the perfect gathering spot.

Just because your kitchen is on the small side, doesn’t mean everyone has to eat with the cheese board on their lap. A foldable dining table and even a sideboard can come in handy when you have extra mouths to feed - and can be tucked away when the guests go home.

Furniture for a small bedroom

Your bedroom should be your relaxation station, even when it’s compact.

The best furniture for small spaces such as the bedroom might mean making some compromises. It might be time to put your dreams of a high headboard and bed posts to the side - for now.

Be realistic with your bed size (perhaps stick to double beds, instead of kings or queens) and if you must have a headboard, keep it simple. A bed that’s low to the ground will make all the difference, too.