Want Something New? Exciting Interior Design Trends for 2020

Want Something New? Exciting Interior Design Trends for 2020

Give your home a fresh lease of life as we enter the new decade.

2020 is here with a bang and interior designers and stylish home owners across Australia are looking for ways to transform their house or apartment. To help you achieve a modern aesthetic and avoid being left in the dark ages of 2019, get stuck into these interior design trends for 2020!

Feminine shapes and fabrics

Cold, clinical homes are a thing of the past. This year, they get a softer touch in regards to colour schemes, shapes and soft furnishings. 

Think Old Hollywood Glamour dressing rooms; furniture with curves, slim floor lamps and dusky pink fur. Your living room and other spots around the house become instantly more welcoming and peaceful. Not feeling so feminine? That’s fine - toughen it up with contrasting brass and concrete for a unique result that merges the soft and the bold.

Bringing the outdoors in

Australians have long understood the benefits of adding a little nature to the interior of our homes, taking cues from places like Japan and Indonesia. We’re choosing the best houseplants for our house or office to add a touch of serenity to our days.

2020 interior design trends are taking that one step further. We’re about to welcome nature with open arms, with colours and materials inspired by the outdoors. 

We think you’re going to love earthy tones, and colours that remind you of the sea and sky. If you’re just starting off, choose furniture with natural wooden finishes or textures like tweed or wool. And when it comes to plants, you’re still going to love them - they just might get a little bigger and a little brighter!

Brass is beautiful 

2019 had sleek black tapware, 2018 was the year of the copper, and in 2020, brass is set to take centre stage.

Rustic and traditional, brass tapware and other elements are about to peak. This timeless material adds personality and elegance to your space - and it’s more versatile than you might think. Taps, door handles, light fittings and more get an instant update for a cool, low-maintenance aesthetic. 

To keep the look modern, mix it with clean lines and a muted colour palette. White marble and brass play well together in the kitchen, but this is your opportunity to have some fun with this stunning material.

Fluid minimalism

So, you might be sick of hearing the word “minimalism” in interior design over the past few years. We’re here to tell you that fluid minimalism is its trendier, more welcoming big sister.

Fluid minimalism maintains the general approach to a pared-back way of decorating, but it’s much more warm and inviting. The idea is to build a tranquil environment that’s interesting, but not overbearing.

Inspired by an art movement in the 1920’s, minimalism is all about putting function before anything else. Of course, 100 years on, we want to create something that’s homely, too. Limit your colour palette to mostly black and white, but add other dashes of colour and interesting materials like timber. Sheer curtains and textured pieces such as dining chairs and sofas make all the difference. 

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