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      Hydroponic Tents & More Gardening Accessories

      Stimulate the natural beauty of the outdoors, and create a luscious green haven in your home and backyard. Creating a growth environment for your plants isn’t just for the experts and even amateurs can try out cheap grow tents to encourage fast, healthy growth. For homes in Australia with an expanding collection of greenery, or who plant their own veggies, you can buy greenhouses in a variety of sizes online.

      Keep pesky weeds at bay to give your plants more room to flourish. Our range of weed sprayers can be used for home or commercial applications and are suitable for heavy-duty handling. If you just can’t seem to keep plants alive and are searching for something more convenient, emulate the real thing with artificial plants that don’t require any love or care, apart from the occasional dusting. 

      H2 Afterpay a Grow Tent for More Affordability

      A hydroponics system should never be out of reach, and now gardeners across Australia can buy cheap grow tents at their own convenience. We’ve made Afterpay available site-wide, so that you can order the items you want, without having to pay for the entire thing up-front!

      When you Afterpay hydroponics or anything else across Payday Deals, you get to take advantage of today’s deals and pay the cost in instalments. We’re able to ship to most of Australia within 24-28 hours, so whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, the Gold Coast, Adelaide or somewhere else, you can enjoy a beautiful home and garden on a budget.

      H3 Get in Touch

      If you have any questions about how to use your indoor grow tent kit, feel free to reach out to the Payday Deals team. Send an email to and we’ll help you out.