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Select AfterPay to Pay Later on Inflatable Mattresses and Blow Up Beds

At some time or another, you are going to find yourself away from your soft, warm, comfortable bed and double mattress. This could be because you are travelling, or it could be because you have donated your bed to guests. Whatever the reason, this is no cause for you to sacrifice your comfort.

The answer is an air mattress or inflatable bed from PayDay Deals. We stock a range of supremely comfortable solutions ranging from the sophisticated - check out the Bestway Inflatable Sofa Bed - to simpler solutions ideal for travellers.  

No more putting your guests up on the sofa. An air bed is a way forward.

The Versatility of an Inflatable Mattress

The inflatable mattress is an ingenious invention. When deflated, the device is small enough to be stored easily in your home, or even to be carried on a travel bag or suitcase when you are out and about. Simply inflate by adding air and you have a comfortable and luxurious surface on which to sleep.

The self-inflating mattress even takes the hassle out of pumping the thing up. Simply set the mattress up and watch it go. Sumptuous comfort in only a few seconds.

Supreme Comfort with an Air Bed

Blow up beds from PayDay Deals may come with an attractive price tag, but that does not mean that they are in some way inferior. In fact, quite the opposite is true. These low-cost air beds provide incredible levels of comfort which are similar to sleeping in your own king size bed.

Choose an inflatable bed from PayDay Deals and experience this comfort. Trust us; you will not be disappointed.

AfterPay on your Inflatable Mattress Purchase

We provide 48-hour dispatch and a wide range of products from a broad variety of different categories, right at your fingertips. As you can tell, convenience and fantastic customer experience are two things very close to our hearts.

So how can we extend this further? How can we support you when you come to us for an inflatable mattress, or for any other product? By making a payment that little bit easier, that's how.

We support AfterPay - a buy now and pay later service which helps you stay on top of costs and expenditure, whether you are shopping for a TV cabinet or an inflatable mattress. By using this service, you can make sure that your money goes that little bit further, without sacrificing any of the things you need.

Get in touch to find out more about this, or about any aspect of our service, or browse our product pages to find what you need.