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Portable Massage Tables and Chairs

There is nothing like a massage for relieving stress and promoting the well-being of the body and soul. This is why the PayDay Deals massage table range is such an important part of what we offer to our customers. Read more

Whether you are undergoing sports massage treatment to help you rehabilitate an injury, or if you simply need a way to de-stress and unwind after a tough day at work, a folding massage table is a key piece of the equipment you need. Your living room chairs and ottoman might provide comfort, but they are not a substitute for a good massage table.

Browse our range and connect with a variety of different massage tables, each one designed to help you receive the treatment you need. Different sized spaces call for different sized tables, but, with our comprehensive range, you are sure to find the ideal piece for your property.

Portable Massage Tables, Chairs and Accessories

A portable massage table which you can fold up and stow away whenever you are finished using it, or whenever you need the extra space. A portable massage chair which you can place in the ideal position for a great frame of mind during your message.

This is what we provide to our customers.

But this does not represent our entire range. In addition to this, we also stock a variety of foot and calf massagers designed to help you stay comfortable and relaxed, wherever you are, as well as silver foot massager products to enhance this comfort even further.

Take a look at our comprehensive range. You are sure to find what you need.

Great Quality Massage Tables at Low, Low Prices

When it comes to purchasing a massage table, you need quality you can rely on. You need the best.

When you buy a massage table online via PayDay Deals, you are connecting with a high level of quality. All of our product ranges - from our tanning machines to our makeup storage boxes - feature this incredible commitment to quality. Our massage tables are no exception.

As well as this, you will experience our extremely low prices when you shop with us. Great quality and low prices; this is the PayDay Deals promise.

Pay Later with AfterPay

We want your money to go further. This is why we provide AfterPay, a service which lets you buy now and pay later on any of our products. Browse the product pages and find what you need today.

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