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What is afterpay?

Get what you want now and pay for it over 4 equal fortnightly payments. There’s no interest or fees and get your items delivered now!

Pay In 4 Instalments

Pay for your order in equal fornightly payments

Get Your Items Now

Your order will be shipped now, just like a normal order

Nothing Extra To Pay

No interest, no additional fees if you pay on time*

Spend Up To $1000

You can use Afterpay for orders up to $1000

How it works

If you are using Afterpay for the first time, you can simply choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout. Once the order is approved by Afterpay, you will be able to make more purchases using Afterpay by simply entering your Afterpay log in details and CVC upon checkout.

Once you have completed your first full payment cycle with Afterpay, the initial payment for any future purchases you pay for using Afterpay will be debited 14 days after the transaction.

All you need to start

  • An Australian credit or debit card
  • To be over 18 years of age
  • An Australian residential address

To checkout using Afterpay, all items in your bag need to be eligible for Afterpay and the bag value is between $100 and $1000.

Shop with Afterpay on all our products, and buy now and pay later. 


Buy Now and Pay Later on All Your Goods with AfterPay at PayDay Deals

Shopping online provides customers with a means to access the goods they need, for less, with enhanced convenience and a fantastic array of choice. But the advantages do not end here. AfterPay provides customers with a whole extra level of service quality.

AfterPay is a buy now and pay later service which enables customers to better manage their money when they shop. AfterPay shops work in just the same way as a normal online store does, only, rather than paying directly at the checkout, customers have the opportunity to defer their payment to a later, more convenient date.

To discover how you can get the benefits of an AfterPay store, right here at PayDay Deals, take a look at our product ranges. These ranges are packed with excellent deals which secure you the highest quality at the lowest possible prices, and all of our products are available with AfterPay.

For more information, don't forget to get in touch with our team.

Shops That Use AfterPay Give You More

AfterPay sites, like the one right here at PayDay Deals, are designed to give you, even more, when you shop. PayDay Deals is committed to supporting the needs of its clients at every turn, and so it designs its services accordingly.

This is where AfterPay comes in. The PayDay Deals team recognises that our customers have a broad vision. They come to us with a specific project in mind, and they do not want to delay that project. This means that they need to be able to access their required items without delay.

However, they also have budgets to manage. Often, these budgets simply won't stretch to paying for everything all in one go. This is why a service like AfterPay offers so much value to our customers.

The Benefits of AfterPay Online Shopping

AfterPay shopping connects customers with a wide range of benefits. These include;

  • The ability to capitalise on great deals when they happen, without having to wait and, potentially, miss out
  • The opportunity to better manage their budgets, spreading the cost of necessary purchases over several pay packets if required
  • The chance to move forward with a project, and not let it get derailed by having to wait for the next pay cheque. Home, garden and automotive projects can be expensive, so this is a critical benefit
  • More flexibility and freedom when it comes to planning and development projects, both in the long and in the short-term
  • The freedom of being able to provide family with the goods and products they need, without the anxiety of worrying whether or not it is affordable

These are a few of the benefits and advantages which make AfterPay such an important part of what we provide to our customers. Going the extra mile is what the team here at PayDay Deals do, and AfterPay supports this.

How You Can Connect with AfterPay at PayDay Deals

Connecting with the benefits of AfterPay is remarkably easy with PayDay Deals. Our product pages and listings are designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, so simply dive in and select the products you need.

Once these products are selected, click through to the checkout, and here you will find the AfterPay button. Select AfterPay and experience these benefits for yourself.

Need any further information or assistance? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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